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Will PlexiPhoto® edit my photos?

We will not edit your photos. We assume that your photos are ready for production. Therefore our clients are responsible for the quality of their images. The only change we might make is the format of the photo when it doesn't match your demands in the order. And when we notice anything strange, we will contact you immediately.

When will my order be shipped?

We aim to ship your order within 10 working days. If you wish to receive your order earlier, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Are there any photo specifications that I need to take into account?

You should store your photos at 200 dpi and set the correct with and height (in cm). With smaller photo formats you may also choose 400 dpi. Save your photos as jpg / jpeg (Adobe RGB) without any compression (value 12) or as pdf or tiff file. It is good to realise that we don't know the purpose of you as photographer or artist. Sometimes we receive images that look "a bit vague or dark" while the client's purpose is exactly this. That's why we usually don't contact you about your photo. We assume that the image that you send is the image that we need to produce without any more enhancements.

How can I order a face mounted photo?

Please send us your photos using WeTransfer. You may use the address wetransfer@plexiphoto.com. Next you fill out the order form in. The minimal order amount is € 90. After we have received your order and payment, we will start the production.

Can I pick up my order personally?

Yes. When your products are ready we will contact you to make an appointment. Of course you will not pay any shipment costs if this is the case.

Do you use glossy or matte photos?

In all our products we use glossy prints. A matte print is also possible, without any additional costs. Please mention this as a comment on the orderform.

What kind of plexiglass / acryllic glass is used?

We use clear plexiglass for our products. However, it is possible to use matte / antiglare plexiglass (except for PlexiPhoto® Basic). The extra costst are 20% of the price on our website. Please mention this as a comment on the orderform.

What is dibond?

Dibond is a sandwich panel that has an aluminum top on both sides of 0,3 mm and a core of polyethyleen. This material gives great rigidity to your face mounted print and prevents it from warping. We use 2 mm dibond for smaller product types and 3 mm for the larger photos. PlexiPhoto® Plus (2 mm) has a white dibond backside. For PlexiPhoto® Professional we use brushed aluminum dibond. White is also possible without any additional costs. If you prefer white, please select this in the order form.

Why is the face mounted print somewhat smaller than the photo that I submitted?

The final format of the PlexiPhoto® is usually a few millimeters smaller than the requested size. This is due to wastage when cutting.

Why is the face mounted photo darker/lighter than the photo that I submitted?

When comparing a print to what you see on your monitor, you will notice a difference in most cases. When you do not calibrate your monitor, a print may look different than expected. To make sure the print has the correct brightness, you may judge it before we face mount it. If you'd like to make an appointment for this, please mention it in the comments of your order.

My PlexiPhoto has a small scratch, can I remove it?

Plexiglass is sensitive to scratching and thus it can happen that a disruptive scratch is found on your image at a given time. Xerapol scratch remover offers an easy solution for this problem. By using this special polishing paste, you can remove the scratches yourself. The plexiglass will shine as it was new.

Are my personal details given to third parties?

We sometimes need to hire other companies to help us provide our services. We limit the information we give them, to ensure this is only used for the fulfilment of your order. They are strictly monitored by us in order to make certain our customer privacy is always protected.

How much does delivery cost?

When you shop online, you can see the cost of delivery before ordering by placing your items in the basket and selecting the shipping destination.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order at any time before we received the payment and started production of the goods.

Can I return a product?

Most of the products we sell are made to order products. The made to order products cannot be returned at any time as these are made specifically to your order. These products can only be returned to us if they are faulty.

What to do if the purchased product has a faulty or damaged part?

Please accept our apologies. Please contact us by email as soon as possible. We will need you to supply us with pictures of the damaged pieces and a short description of the problem. If we are responsable for the the damage or fault we will replace the product or refund the payment done.