Our company produces for more than 10 years PlexiPhoto's with high quality: photos and other printed materials face mounted behind acryllic glass. In total we produced more than 50.000 pieces, for example for the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. PlexiPhoto® is our main brand.

Since we have limited overhead and good relationships with reliable suppliers, we can offer our products for a fair prices, in order to enable our clients to buy largers prints for afforable prices.

Usually we deliver our products within 10 working days. Shorter delivery times are sometimes possible. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Quality - in every detail
Our products represent the highest possible quality. We have invested years to develop our skills. We are very proud that we have the Rijksmuseum as our clients, as well as many artists and galeries.


Personally - we like to work with you
With a small team we produce your face mounted prints. If you have any requests or personal wishes, please let us know and we can discuss the possibilities. We are very dedicated, your photos are in good hands.


Specials - for museum shops and design stores
For shops and other purchasers, we develop personal products. Some of them contain face mounted reproductions. We have many kinds of specialised equipment, among other a laser cutting machine, that help us evolve many creative ideas.




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