Acrylic Face Mounting also known as Perspex Face Mounting is the process of mounting a photographic print between a sheet of acrylic and a dibond backing sheet. Acrylic Face Mounting is a special presentation for your image. It has an excellent museal appearance and prevents your print from scratches, dirt, UV rays and early aging. The result is that colours look warmer, scharper, shining and more direct. You can't find any better! Therefore it's not a surprise that many famous photographers worldwide prefer this technique and find their Acrylic Face Mounted prints in musea all over the world.

We use a special production method that was invented 50 years ago and has been perfected by several labs. The base of this method is a silicone bonding.

The production technique of Face Mounting behind Acrylic (plexiglass) involves using a 100% clear silicone glue. This glue keeps clear during decades and won't yellow. The result is an air-tight, 100% transparent, bond between the front side of the image and the back of the UV-resistant acrylic or plexiglass plate. All without air bubbles and dust. Large photos are strengthened at the rear with dibond and we attach a frame, which serves as a spacer between picture and wall. Your photo will look as if it is floating or hanging in the air. By using dibond, your photo will remain flat on the long term (acrylic tends to warp). Of course you need to be careful with the acrylic glass. To prevent it from scratches, only clean it with a soft and clean cloth.

Your digital file is printed on glossy photo paper (Durst Lambda, also called C-print, the summum in photo prints) by a professional photo lab in Amsterdam. It is also possible to have your own photo print Face Mounted by us.

PlexiPhoto® - Acrylic Face Mounting is truly stunning!

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